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Student Parking Information

Payment is only available through MyPaymentsPlus.  

Parking fee is $70 and must be paid on MyPaymentsPlus.
1.) Make Payment on MyPaymentsPlus.
2.) Print and complete the application attached to the right.
3.) Bring the following to Room 3.020 (Former 12th grade Office)
  • Copy of MyPaymentsPlus Receipt
  • Copy of Student Driver's License
  • Copy of Vehincle Insurance (Unexpired)
  • Completed Parking Application (Including Parent Signature) 

Please allow a MINIMUM of 2 business days for applications to be processed. 

  1. Parking permits cost $70.00 for the entire year.
  2. Towing of a vehicle for repeated parking violations may result after a student has been warned and/or if their parking was suspended.
  3. Students not parking in an approved school parking lot are subject to having their vehicle towed at owner’s expense which ranges anywhere from $150.00-$175.00 (Lance Wrecker Service 770-963-5816).
  4. The parking space and permit are property of CHHS and MAY NOT be transferred or sold.
  5. Students must inform the 12th grade office, ASAP, if a vehicle other than the one(s) registered is driven on any given day. Failure to do so could result in parking fines.
  6. I understand in order to purchase and/or keep my parking permit for each semester, I must meet the following requirements: Academics: You must pass ALL SIX classes spring semester. Discipline: Out of school or in school suspensions may prevent students from keeping parking privileges.
  7. If a student has an unpaid parking ticket at the end of first semester, the parking permit will be revoked with no refund. Students must pay all tickets by the end of the year. If you are a senior, you will not walk at graduation if there are any unpaid tickets. Juniors who have not paid all tickets will not be able to purchase a parking decal senior year.
  8. Parking permits will not be issued to any students with outstanding fines, textbook fees, or tickets. 
  • Parking will be suspended for two (2) weeks if: 5th tardy to school or 4th unexcused check-in.
  • Parking will be suspended for four (4) weeks if: 6th tardy to school or 5th unexcused check-in.
  • Parking will be suspended for nine (9) weeks if: 7th tardy to school
  • Parking will be suspended for remainder of the semester if: 8th tardy to school or 7th unexcused check-in.
  • Parking will be suspended for reminder of the school year if: 9th tardy to school or 7th unexcused check-in. 
  • Parking will be suspended for two (2) weeks for: 1st AWOL
  • Parking will be suspended for remainder of school year: 2nd AWOL. 
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