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Exam Exemption Policy

Exam Exemption (Seniors Only)


January 11, 2019

Dear Seniors and Parents:

    I wanted you to be aware of the Exam Exemption policy and an opportunity for Pathway recognition at graduation.  Please note Exam Exemption is tied to attendance.  If you miss greater than 5 days for ANY reason other than a school sponsored activity or verified College Visit this semester you will not be allowed to exempt your exam even if you meet the ACADEMIC and BEHAVIOR criteria.

    If you are hoping to exempt an exam based on Part A below, you must have an A average in a specific class by Friday, May 10, 2019.  An A average obtained after that point, while certainly desirable, would not be considered for exam exemption.  If the average falls below an A after that point, the student will be required to take the Final.

    Additionally, we wanted to let you know that students who meet criteria related to completing a state Pathway related to Fine Arts, Foreign Language, CTE or Advanced Academics will have the opportunity to earn recognition for graduation through a special diploma seal, pin or medallion.  Forms are available on our school website, under Academics – Pathway Completion that students will fill out for consideration of this recognition. Forms will be due to the counseling office before spring break, so we wanted to make sure that you were aware of this upcoming opportunity.

Good luck as you complete your final semester of high school!


Heather Childs

Assistant Principal for Curriculum and Instruction


Seniors graduating in the spring graduation ceremony must meet the following criteria to exempt exams:


Seniors must fulfill either A or B:

    A. An average of 90 or above in a specific subject (in AP courses this would be WITH 10 points

          added) will exempt the student from that objective final exam only.  Applicable performance

          exams will still be required and will count its full weight.

    B. If a student has honor graduate status, meaning the student has an overall average of equal to or  

         greater than 90 going into spring semester, the student may exempt all objective exams, regardless

         of their average in the class. Applicable performance exams will still be required and will count its

         full weight.

Students may NOT exempt Georgia Milestones or GCPS District Assessments or SPGs that are required by the state of Georgia and our local school district. However, if a senior qualifies for exam exemption in a class requiring an assessment that may not be exempted, they may exempt the local test given on the final exam date.


Students will NOT be eligible to exempt an exam in a class if they have more than FIVE absences in that class during spring semester.  All absences except school sponsored activities and verified College Visits count against the total of five.


If a student has been suspended out of school any time during their senior year, he/she will NOT be eligible to exempt exams.

If a student is eligible to exempt an exam, he/she must turn in or pay for lost textbooks for that class prior to exam day. Also, the student must have clearance from the Media Center and all parking fines must be cleared. All extra and co-curricular obligations must be cleared with respective coaches, directors or sponsors as well.

If a student is eligible to exempt an exam, he/she may choose to take the exam. If the student chooses to take the exam, it will count the same as it does for all other students in the class.

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