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Eligibility Requirements
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Extracurricular Activities Eligibility Requirements


The following regulations apply to all students who participate in competitive extracurricular activities. Examples are: all individual and team sports, cheerleading, literary meets, band competitions, chorus competitions, drama competitions, and academic bowls.

1.   All students participating in extracurricular activities must be on track to graduate and meet academic eligibility requirements each semester. Students participating in Georgia High School Association (GHSA) events must meet GHSA requirements.

2.   To be eligible to participate and/or try-out for an activity, a student must meet all eligibility requirements, be in regular attendance and be taking a minimum of five (5) subjects toward graduation. Seniors in Joint Enrollment must be certain to follow GHSA guidelines.

3.   A student has eight (8) consecutive semesters of eligibility from the date of first entry into ninth grade.

4.   The following are the yearly criteria for eligibility:

      · First year, first semester 9th grade students are eligible for competition first semester.
      ·    To be eligible after the first semester, students must have passed 5 classes.
      ·    To be on track, second year students must have earned 5 Carnegie Units.
      ·    To be on track, third year students must have earned 11 Carnegie Units.
      ·    To be on track, fourth year students must have earned 17 Carnegie Units.    

5.   All out-of-season practice is prohibited by this policy during the school year (July 18 through the end of the school year for students). The officially adopted dates of the GHSA shall be followed. Spring football practice is permitted during the month of May for ten consecutive school days as provided for in the GHSA calendar.

6.   Homecoming courts, superlatives, and similar activities that are determined by a vote of the student body and do not occur over an extended period of time are exempt; however, these activities may have their own individual requirements.

7.   Students wishing to participate in any after school extracurricular activity must be counted present on the day of participation.

8.   Students will not be allowed to attend or participate in extracurricular activities while assigned OSS or ISS. This includes any school-related activities that may be held before or after school and those activities held on the school campus or any other facility.

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